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░░░║Lets' remove the ball-gag

░It's time for the post-censorship era of Shakespeare to begin.

  • Ethically it’s the right thing to do.
  • It’s personal, we want to give access to theatre which reflects our world view and community.
  • It makes for better theatre, censoring is an act of removal, reversing this makes his performance more complete, accessible and dramatic. ///////

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░░║BehINd the mAkeup ║░░░

░░║ With a Master's degree in Directing Theatre, Jono has worked as a freelance Director and Artistic Director for Fifteen years. Starting in the London Fringe, he has created work in the West End and Europe until taking on the Artistic Directorship of the Bradford Playhouse. He regularly works with his actor wife (And Childhood sweetheart) Clare Gadsby.

░░║ A skilled theatre practitioner, improviser, puppeteer, director, performance teacher and has worked professionally as an actor since 1996. Currently working freelance and Directing with ThreadBear Theatre and MonkeyHeads, both Yorkshire based improvisation groups.

░░║ Clare trained at St Mary's before becoming an actor. Since 2003 she has been producing in partnership with Jono alongside following her career as an actor.

Clare was Director of the Bradford Playhouse between 2012 and 2017 and a co-creator of Fused Imagination. A successful theatre company bringing large scale theatrical interventions to Festivals in the North of England.